Robin Soderling behind schedule in comeback

August 18, 2013

Robin Soderling has revealed that he is behind schedule in his comeback from glandular fever.

The Swede, who has not played since July due to the illness, had hoped to be back this month, but has yet to begin full training.

“I was hoping to be ready for tournaments in February but unfortunately I am not there yet. The good news is that the symptoms of the mono-like sore throat and fever are gone, but for some reason my body still cannot handle intense training,” said the two-time French Open finalist.

“I get very tired when I do something physical. I am working with my medical team to understand why and what the next step is. My full focus of each day is to get healthy and strong.

“Hopefully it won’t be much longer but I cannot compete until I am 100% fit.”

The illness has caused Soderling to drop from fifth to 14th in the world due to his long period of inactivity.