Robin Soderling out for “a few months”

August 17, 2013

Robin Soderling has revealed that he is nowhere near making a return to the tennis court.

The former world number four has yet to feature this year because he is suffering from mononucleosis – a disease which causes irregularities in white blood cells.

Discussing a possible comeback, the Swede has conceded that it could take “a few months” before he feels ready to be competitive.

“I think even if I was 100% healthy tomorrow, I still need some time to train and get back in shape. I don’t know how long that will be, but maybe at least a few months,” Soderling told the ATP official website..

“Then it is a question of when I can fully start to train again. I don’t know if that will be one month or one year. When I come back, it will take some time to get into shape again. I don’t see the point in training for one week and then going to try and play a match again.

“The most important thing is that I’m feeling better and better. It’s very slow. Now, I feel pretty good during the days. But training, more intense training, my body cannot take. I get too tired.”

Despite never winning a Grand Slam, Soderling has twice reached the final of the French Open.